How it works

Simple set up – super service

‘Working with Martin Lavell couldn’t be easier.’

That’s what we want all our customers to say – so we make it simple to get started and then focus all our energies on giving you great service.

It’s not a complex process, but it helps to explain a few of the steps.


We start with you

Contact the team and we’ll arrange a chat to understand your needs. We’ll provide you with clear pricing, agreed delivery times and full explanation of all we can offer.


Set up is simple

Once we’ve agreed your requirements, we enter all the titles and delivery locations into our system. We confirm these with you, double check for quality assurance, and then we’re good to go.


Deliveries your way

With depots and contacts across the UK, we deliver nationally as well as locally. We can deliver to multiple locations, split your supplies into separate bundles, mix and match with print and subscriptions – whatever you need we’ll strive to find a solution.


Flexible ordering

Our secure online portal means you can make changes whatever time suits you. It’s easy to order new titles, request extra copies or make holiday alterations – and if you need any help or advice, just give us a call.


Fresh Extra

Our fresh deliveries work much the same. We’ve a growing range of produce in this popular service, and we invoice along with your usual supplies.


Easy Invoicing

We know that efficient admin saves time and resources. Our consolidated invoicing gives you one simple payment – and provides all the detail you need to cross-charge in your own organisation. We itemise all costs and are clear on our charges. Our finance team can provide support for any queries and we resolve any problems with speed and clarity.

Our goal

Our goal at Martin Lavell is to make your news delivery so easy and seamless that it ‘just happens’

All that your colleagues will see is great service, regular as clockwork.

Ready to talk?

To find out how Martin Lavell can make your daily deliveries earlier, easier, and more efficient, then contact us to discuss your needs. No enquiry is too small and we guarantee you a prompt reply.

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